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When you consider remodeling, think about what really matters.  First Impressions Matter!  Do your research before purchasing anything new.  Can it just be restored or does it have to be replaced?  Sometime a fresh coat of paint is all that is necessary. REMODELING - IS IT WORTH YOUR TIME & MONEY?  Here is a list of some of the expenses that may have the greatest cost recovery.

Front entry door -Look at the door from a Buyers perspective.  When you consider replacing the front door, be sure that is flows with the style of the home.  You cannot just replace it with any old door that does not match or go with the price range of your home.  Sometimes, something fresh will give a good first impression.    

Garage Door - how does it look?  Could it use a fresh coat of paint?  Is it dented and need replaced?  When you consider replacement of the garage door, keep in mind what a potential buyer would want for this door.  Will Buyers be parking their cars in the garage or using it for a workshop?  A workshop would need some natural lighting.  You can replace a door with windows in this case.  Or you can replace the door with insulation to help to keep cold out during the winter and coolness in during the summer.   Highly recommended is a garage door opener.  The cost of the garage opener is minimal compared to someone not purchasing your home because it does not have one and your neighbor does.

Siding Replacement - If you consider replacing current siding or adding siding be sure to research the cost of this from a licensed contractor.  Ask what the "over-lap" is on each board.  This is important to ensure you are not just buying unnecessary materials.    You may want to consider pre-painted siding.  This could be attractive to Buyers as they would not have to re-paint the exterior of the home every few years.


Kitchen Remodel- You can remodel the kitchen simply but tastefully.  It is very common that kitchens get "over-improved" making the project more expensive than necessary.   Keeping your existing wiring and plumbing, as long as it is in good condition, will save a lot of money on a kitchen remodel.  Consider painting your cabinets vs. replacing them.  Some vinyl or laminate flooring may not be desired by a buyer.  Tile is affordable and is a smarter option.   Laminate is the most affordable counter top covers and today come in many attractive colors and designs.  You can save money by doing some of the work yourself.  Paint the walls were needed before the new cabinets/counters are installed.  Remove the cabinets yourself to save the cost of labor paid to a contractor.    Remember - many buyers consider this to be the most important room in the home.  Be tasteful when remodeling! 

Deck Addition - When considering replacing or adding a deck, think about the size - that it is not too small or too big.  A deck can be a nice feature but if you cannot use the area properly you have wasted your money.   You can also add a large entertainment deck that may never get used, also wasting money on the addition.   If you are handy, you can hire a contractor to do the footings and frame it but you could do the placing of the floor boards yourself.  This would save on the cost of labor.  Adding a stain will enhance the deck as well as help with weathering as a sealant.  It is important that before any work is done you contact your local code enforcement departments to confirm whether or not you have to obtain a permit for any of the work.  Secondly, check with your insurance company regarding any restrictions on size, slat width etc..


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*some of this information was obtained from the Realtor Magazine.

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