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So, what kind of travel do you like? Filled with unpredictability and adventure; thrills and unknown dangers? It sounds exciting for sure, but imagine how it would feel, if you were invited to the comfort of a private luxury villa for your holiday, and had the entire sprawling property in the midst of lush greenery all to yourself. Add in a retinue of discreet workers to make sure your comforts and keep the aesthetic beauty; gourmet chefs to make every meal worth an entire trip; a swimming pool and lounge steps away from your living room and a private beach for a backyard. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime sort of experience and a lot of people (with means, of course) are beginning to consider it worthy of the title of ‘adventure’.

Such luxury villas with private chefs are an option for vacationers headed out to every corner of the globe now. If you are going towards the Indian subcontinent, the island-gem of Sri Lanka has the Kadju House. On the opposite side of the globe, you could stay in the Nido de Amor in Mexico, and experience Mexican food like you’ve never had before, or even take a break from the high-tech urban life in California and step into the California Dreamin’ Estate.

True to its name, The California Dreamin’ Estate is unlike anything you may have confronted in your reality, and your concerns for the day will be limited to sampling the best wines of the country, planning the most exquisite forms of relaxation and taking in the sights, sounds and smells of ‘untampered’ nature. If you want something even more exotic, perhaps you could consider the Azura Retreat’s Presidential Villa in Mozambique.

To give you an insight into what such a trip would entail, let’s step inside Mozambique’s Presidential Villa. The beachside property, built just within the sprawling greenery of Benguerra Island, looks out over the palms to a long and stunning stretch of golden sand. It has been constructed in the likeness of a thatched hut, and the rustic exterior will make you feel as though you are stepping into a quaint village.

Don’t be fooled though. You are headed straight for refined luxury. Inside, you will find a wine bar, an exotic tree house and an infinity pool set beside an inviting deck. Your gourmet chef here doubles up as a tour guide, and will make sure that you get a total experience of what the country has to offer, from dining to day trips. The villa features two bedrooms for yourself and an extra room for the domestic staff traveling with you.

So, would you agree that ‘adventure’ deserves a broader definition than we commonly give it?

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