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Buyers from Canada, China, South America, and Europe use Appraisers in their valuation team.

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We have long been working with international buyers in the Luxury markets of Southern California. There are new stories about the Canadians, Chinese, Russians, and Brazilians buying luxury homes and condos in the United States. This past week there was another article from the Wall Street Journal verifying this, in local and international markets, including London, Paris, and New York.


While it doesn’t mention Los Angeles, we have been working with several international clients over the past 18 months, and interest is growing. The attractive rate of exchange makes US properties a bargain, yet they seek out our services as well, to benchmark the market value of the purchase, as the market is still in flux. While many luxury markets were quiet in early 2011, since then, prime listings in many markets have been getting multiple offers, which questions the true market value.

As local experts, our research can pinpoint that value, with recent sales and other listings, and in addition, we often find other good alternate opportunities for buyers caught in a feeding frenzy. We are not constrained by neighborhood boundaries or local relationships, which can sometimes limit local realtors. >p>Our experience in these markets gives us current working data for our work with relocation clients as well. Folks moving into the market find that an independent appraiser can fill in the gaps that some local Realtors may have about alternate communities and other options. Like a photographer using a tripod for their best photos, the combination of the relocation company, local Realtor, and appraiser, gives a solid & thorough perspective on the market, saving time and money all around. Several local relocation Realtors refer me often, to both their incoming and outgoing home owners, as they understand this is a win-win-win situation for all.

Feel free to check out my other timely tips and material at www.eas2.org. We have assisted folks from all over Southern California, as well as assisted families from Canada, Europe, South America, China, and other regions.

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