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Research shows that the smell of a home can affect the person's mood as well as create an impression of a home when it is being shown by prospective buyer.

A light floral fragrance can put people in a more pleasant mood. A citrus scent such as lemon can have an energizing effect. Vanilla is one scent that is universal and people around the globe find it comforting and relaxing.

When adding smells to your home it can be enjoyable but it could also be viewed as an attempt to cover up a bad odor. However; if you are attempting to cover up a bad odor, fragrance can actually make the odor worse. The key to bad odors is to find the source of the odor and get rid of it that way.

Here are some tips:

•1) Take out the trash! It is simple and can make a big difference. We recommend that when showing your home the trash cans should be empty.

•2) Smoke Smells..... We encourage you to eliminate all smoking inside and outside prior to any showings. Smoking outside can allow smoke indoors especially if the windows and doors are open. The smoke smell will travel than defeating the purpose of why smoking was being done outside. An ionizer can help remove smoke smells.

•3) Watch the cooking! The smell from what you have cooked can linger. For instance, lamb, fish, garlic, broccoli and eggs can stick around long after the food has been eaten. Be sure to clean the dishes, pots and pans quickly after eating which will assist in eliminating some of the food lingering odors.

•4) Pets can smell! Limit the pet to an outdoor area or certain room in the house that can be regularly cleaned. Clean the pets and the pets bedding regularly as well.

How do we create a pleasant smell? GOOD SMELLS - BAD SMELLS - WHAT CAN BE DONE?

Here are some tips:

•1) Lemon and citrus candles are delightful and can be used for showings. Also, run a lemon wedge in the garbage disposal to freshen this area.

•2) Don't cover up smells! Sometimes it may take cleaning carpet, draperies or upholstery to rid of odors. Opening windows on a cool morning or evening helps clean out the air ducts.

•3) Cinnamon and vanilla seem to be the best smells when trying to sell your home. It can be a breath of freshness.

•4) There are electric crocks that hold candles. These crocks warm the wax and produce a great fragrance. You can use different scents for different parts of the home.

•5) There is an odor eliminator called PureAyre that smells like mint. It can be injected into furniture or carpet or sprayed into the air.

We are pleased to bring you this information. We encourage you to follow our blogs for helpful information. When you are buying or selling real estate, our expertise will make your home buying experience enjoyable. Call The Cody Anne Team today! Cody Anne 928-848-1188 or Micheal Yarnes 928-533-6859. Check out our websites or .

*some of this information was obtained from the Realtor Magazine.


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