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Rotary Park Livonia Michigan

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Rotary Park Livonia Michigan

Rotary Park Livonia MichiganLJAL sign Rotary Park Livonia Michigan  Welcome to Rotary Park Livonia Michigan!  Rotary Park is located at 6 Mile and Hubbard Road in northern Livonia Michigan.  This gorgeous park offers so much to do that I just had to write about it.  The first picture you see is of the park sign out by 6 Mile Rd, you will see this type of sign at all the Livonia Parks.  The next picture you see is showing Rotary Park is now home to the Livonia Junior Athletic League.  The LJAL is now taking care of the four ball fields located here and are currently raising money to really fix them up.  You will see both girls and boys organized ball games on these fields.  Feel free one day to come out and enjoy the day watching ball games at Livonia's Rotary Park.


   In the next few picture we will show you some great attractions offered at Rotary Park.  The first picture is of the main pavilion.  There are a few pavilions here and this is the only one that has both a men's and women's bathroom.  It is very common to see company parties and picnics, sporting celebrations and more at this pavilion.  Right next to the pavilion are six well kept tennis courts.  You can see a picture of these tennis courts down below.  I have also noticed with the tennis courts they can fill up quickly so be prepared to have to wait it out.  The last picture of this bunch is of the sand volleyball courts which is also pretty close to the tennis courts.  There are two sand volleyball courts for the public to enjoy.  Please feel free to visit WWW.BOBANDTEENA.COM for any Livonia real estate questions you may have. 


Main Pavilion Rotary Park Livonia MichiganTennis Courts Rotary Park Livonia MichiganSand Volleyball Courts Rotary Park Livonia Michigan  



  Rotary Park still has a lot more to offer than we have covered so far.  If you go back to the sand volleyball picture there are also horseshoe pits right there just out of sight of the picture.  Also just out of sight of that picture is another pavilion with playground equipment next to it.  In the first picture of the next bunch you will see the playground equipment which is by the main pavilion.  If you go all the way to the back of the park there are some absolutely gorgeous walking trails.  The picture clearly shows one of the trail heads and how well it is marked.  I decided to walk in just a few feet and take the next picture which shows what the trails look like inside the park.  If you are ever in the area please feel free to stop by the park for a fun filled day.

playground equipment rotary park livonia michiganNature Trail Sign Rotary Park Livonia MichiganTrails in Rotary Park Livonia Michigan

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Rotary Park looks like a great place to spend some recreational time in Livonia Michigan!

May 20, 2011 01:40 AM