Seattle Washington will continue to thrive....WE R #1

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Seattle, Wash.

Median home price: $395,000

Annual price change from 2006: 8.9%

Projected price change to 2008: 3.09%

Seattle continually bucks national housing trends. Price appreciation in the Emerald City has been strong over the last six quarters. Besides a very low unsold housing inventory and a strong sales rate, there are very few non-conforming loans, which lessens the chance of widespread foreclosures and delinquencies. While the market is slowing, the strong lending situation and sales rate bode well for the market.


So let's get moving! Our Seattle area market, particularly the King County, Eastside area is still thriving and is showing no signs of stopping. Yes....we all know that things are slower in terms of appreciation numbers, we have a few more listings in the bowl than the last few years, but so what...does not mean we are not still going strong.

 If we are really having global warming issues and hurricane numbers aren't expected to slow down. Well that is just one more reason of many that we will CONTINUE to have large numbers of people moving to Washington or at the least investing here. 

For those of you who do not know much about Washington....oh my goodness, what a place to be. We are soooo lucky here!  

 We have a winning economy, secure job market, awe-inspiring views of nature. This is the best place to be and I could not be happier with where we are headed.  

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