So, Forrest, How's the market in North Hawaii? (but I could never move there)

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Hawaii Green Realty

Could you live here?

 "So's the market there in Hawaii?

"Well actually, prices have really come down for oceanfront parcels and some great second homes..."

"Ahhh, that sounds nice. You know, we visit Hawaii almost every year---but no, we could never live there."

What's that about?

Is Hawaii just too different from (say) Portland---well, sure, it is.

But that's the point---a community that has a history of being friendly and safe and rural may not be for everyone. 

For me, I felt the magic years ago as I was playing golf on the Kona-Kohala coast---and a whale jumped out of the water right near me. I felt the tingle of recognition that this place was for me---so that's what I share with visitors to the Big Island,

that these islands are ready when you are to enjoy the beauty of the land and sea and people....and it is this inspiration that makes my work with eco-friendly real estate more satisfying.  Y'all come see us!

PS: If you'd like to team up offer Hawaii island properties to your clients---that would be a welcome conversation.

Aloha for now----Forrest Arnold (PB)  808-987-2365


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