Hilarious Remedy to Halt Flooding

Look at this guy, trying to end flooding single handedly. While this is surely not the recommended action when heavy rains start hitting your neighborhood, I can definitely understand why this guy would go to such lengths to stop water from entering his home. Either way, it is an interesting tidbit.



PARMA, Ohio - A Parma man was arrested after police say he stuffed carpet into a sewer during Thursday night's rain storm.

The incident happened in the 2700 block of Fortune Avenue in Parma when a neighbor confronted 56-year-old John Kish for blocking the sewer with pieces of carpet, police said.

The Parma Police Department said the neighbor told Kish he was going to take the carpet out of the sewer, but Kish said "Don't, I'm locked and loaded." The neighbor told police he believed Kish would shoot him.

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