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Steven Graham makes blogging easy.  Steven Graham gives you the tools, the hints into HOW TO GET GOOGLE JUICE

Steven Graham knows how to turn a regular old blog into a GOOGLE JUICE winner!

Steven Graham gives super, short, to the point on-line seminars that educate those that are looking to learn about GOOGLE JUICE.

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You will be missed Steven Graham.  But I'm sure you will spread your GOOGLE JUICE secrets in your new home.

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Original content by Douglas Ching

bird taking flight on the shore in ZurickIf you ask Jon Washburn he will tell you that he is “not a sales person”, but don’t let this fool you!  What began as an innocent lunch back in 2009 resulted in me leaving my successful business behind to join forces with Jon at ActiveRain. The goal was to find a sustainable revenue model for a company that was on the brink of running out of the capital.

ActiveRain was a robust community at the time with a little over 100k members but very little dependable revenue.  Jon, in my opinion, had two choices: he could clutter every page of AR with advertising, or we could start charging our new members to take advantage of the reputation (SEO) the community had built.  Thus, the Rainmaker concept was born. 

A few months later I began noticing that the agents who were upgrading to RainMaker with the hopes of increasing their online presence didn’t have the training required to make that possible. So I turned to my trusted friend Steven Graham, who within two weeks developed SEO strategies for those members of AR who needed it the most, and turned it into a two hour training class for new members.  This single class evolved into ActiveRain University, led by Steven, which currently has over 10,000 graduates.

This company was Jon’s vision and legacy. ActiveRain is now at over 200,000 members, and in January alone of this year we signed up just shy of 1,000 new paying RainMakers! We were fortunate enough to be asked to join Jon on his journey to accomplish that vision, and we hope his legacy of ActiveRain-- and now DailyTicket-- will continue to grow and thrive. 

Now that Jon’s active role in the network has ended Steven and I have decided to find a new vision.  Changing lives, both within the ActiveRain community and at the ActiveRain corporate offices, is the reason we came to ActiveRain and the reason we stayed. Jon gave us the freedom to create a unique culture here that you couldn’t find anywhere else. The community thrived, as did the employees of ActiveRain. Since the changing of hands, we have grown to miss the creativity and challenges that come with building and maintaining this type of culture.

As of today Steven Graham and I will no longer be employed by ActiveRain. The time has come for us to find a new home. We have been invited to help develop a social media and SEO blogging platform as their V.P of Sales and SEO Blog Trainer. Imagine every tool you could possibly need to succeed online in one tool box. That is, where we will both continue to do the work we love, and although we’ll miss being part of what goes on behind the scenes at ActiveRain, we’re excited to embark on this new adventure.

if you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at:


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Comments (8)

Hrisco & Associates
Hrisco & Associates - Roanoke, TX
Roanoke Homes for Sale - Roanoke Neighborhoods

Ellen, thank you very much for re-blogging this, it seems like lot of changes at corporate going on with AR...hope they stay true to the vision AR was created with to begin with.  Luckily, I have a site with epropertysites and will benefit from Steve and Doug expertise there as well. 

May 20, 2011 05:14 PM
Douglas Ching
Kenmore, WA

Thank you for reblogging our post Ellen.  Steven is the Google Juice Master.  We look forward to chatting John.

May 20, 2011 08:27 PM
Ellen Wright Adams
Academy Mortgage.......We are a Equal Housing Lender - Eugene, OR
LoansByEllen- Licensed in Oregon

I wish both Steven Graham & Douglas Ching much luck in their new venture!

May 22, 2011 04:21 AM
Jim Paulson
Progressive Realty (Boise Idaho) - Boise, ID

Looks like you are trying to give Steve Graham some Google Juice.  :)

May 22, 2011 09:13 AM
Ellen Wright Adams
Academy Mortgage.......We are a Equal Housing Lender - Eugene, OR
LoansByEllen- Licensed in Oregon

That was my intention Jim - I got spacy and forgot to add the blogs to various groups I see; I'll fix that right now!

May 22, 2011 02:22 PM
Torgie Madison
Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions, LLC - Portland, OR
Websites and Contact Management

Steve was a great trainer, I learned a ton from his university webinars. He will certainly be missed here at AR!

May 22, 2011 09:12 PM
Suzanne Taylor
Ultima Real Estate - Corpus Christi - Corpus Christi, TX
Home Sales In Corpus Christi, TX

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for reblogging this, I have been absent for a while and out of the loop.  Hope all is well with you.  Little Bear is still with us, although the tumor on his jaw is growing rapidly. 

May 23, 2011 03:18 PM
Ellen Wright Adams
Academy Mortgage.......We are a Equal Housing Lender - Eugene, OR
LoansByEllen- Licensed in Oregon

Torgie:  I agree!

Suzanne:  SO GLAD TO SEE YOU, I've been thinking about you and Little Bear.  Suzanne, I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

May 23, 2011 04:13 PM

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