TOP PRODUCER’s new “Market Builder” has finally arrived!

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This fully automates the repetitive mail delivery of oversized 11″ postcards to 400 clients three times per year. You choose either the neighborhood or streets to be included.   You may exclude current clients' addresses. Choose from one of three sets of cards.   TOP PRODUCER Systems, Inc. finds the names and addresses.  Thirty potential clients per week receive your branded cards with a code permitting them to get instaneous Market Snapshots from .  They may update their personal information which insures that you get correctly spelled names and addresses as new Leads within TOP PRODUCER.  They see what is happening in their own neighborhood.  All this with little effort on your part.  No longer do you need to send lists to mailing companies or personally handle the mailings.  (If you have an assistant, they'll probably fall in love with this program).  Speaking of Market Snapshot, in a recent update, you now have the ability to customize the automated messages that gets e-mailed to clients when they subscribe to Market Snapshot.  This gives you an opportunity to address both personal and local content in the first message which your potential clients receive.  If you have not customized your message yet, "time is a wasting".  Take a few minutes to log into Market Snapshot and review your current message.  

And.... Market Snapshot no longer has a limit on the number of participating clients.  Therefore, you can put as many clients as you desire on this exceptional service.  Another means of keeping local market information in front of both your current and past clients.

Unfortunately, sub-prime ARM loans have caused the industry much concern.  Recently the FHA has come out with the FHASecure program.  FHASecure is a refinancing option that gives credit-worthy homeowners, who were making timely mortgage payments before their loans reset but are now in default, a second chance with a FHA insured loan product.  

Eligible homeowners must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a non-FHA insured ARM that has reset;
  2. Sufficient income to make the mortgage payment; and
  3. A history of on-time mortgage payments before the loan reset.

Hopefully, you had no such clients, but you might be asked by others for advice.  You can refer them to for more details.

Information provided by:  Dwight Kitchens, Certified Instructor (Trainer) and Independent Agent (Salesperson) 

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Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson Realty Group - Fayetteville, NC
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Carl, excellent post.  Topproducer keeps improving and offering additional products. 

Eric Anderson, Team Leader
Keller Williams Realty - Fayetteville

Oct 08, 2007 03:20 PM
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Thanks for sharing. I admire what you have done here. We will look forward for future updates.


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