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Chris has made some really good points about business cards, I have found as other have in the response that the QR Codes are read better if the code is somewhat larger. The small codes take longer to read. As far as the business card, I think the consensus is correct, a lot of UV has the potential to smudge..Well Check out the Scan MAN

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We talk alot about professional presentation, attention to details and what to put or not put on our business cards, but did we think about what we print them on?

No this isn't going to be a "Live Green Like Me" speech, though cards printed on seed paper are cool if people actually planted your business card when they were done with it.

No, this is something we don't think about until we have to think about it.  What paper do we print on and do we coat it correctly?

Now, I have made the mistake of making a beautiful card on both sides but doing it UV Coated on both sides because it makes it prettier and more substantial.  Then somebody wants to take notes on my card and can't.  So I fixed that on the last round of cards.

Last night, I was out in front of my house and my neighbor gives me his cards for his new business and he brags to me that he took my advice and put a QR Code on it.  Now it looked a little small so I told him I would test it to make sure it could read and then I noticed it.

He UV Coated both sides of the card and in the low light, my phone couldn't read the code.  So I turned its light on and there it was....a giant white out staring me in the face.  The coating on his card was so spiffy that it was reflecting light and rendering his QR Code useless.

So the next time you get cards printed, think about what goes on the card sure, but also what the card is made of too so that you aren't wasting your time giving out your business cards.

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John Pusa
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Myers - Excellent information and tips about business cards. Thank you for the detailed quality blog.

May 21, 2011 05:02 PM