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Well this past week has been great! One of our accomplishments was a joint alliance with an individual who specializes in seo and seo marketing. Now when I say specializes - I mean she is unbelieveable. OK so what right?

Here is the deal: if you would love for your site to be on the first page of Google (and that means lots, and lots, and lots of traffic), well we can now get that done for you! Without a doubt we can put you on the first page results. Here's the catch: it costs money, it takes a bit of time, and therefore is only for the serious realtors out there.

Google receives several hundred million search querries per day . . . whew! Imagine if someone typed into google: Los Angeles realtor and your site was in the top ten . . .? What's that worth? More than any ad campaign, and in our book -- worth every penny. Your phone will begin to ring off the hook.


Remember, we can't make it happen in a week, it takes some time. It is not cheap but not as expensive as you are probably imagining right now. Each case is different. I will attest to you that this person is one of the best seo people in the entire business. In fact, I am now a client of hers!

So if you ever wanted to jump start your lead generation system or just get to the top of that most coveted list, and you are serious about results, give me a hollar and we will put your site, your logo, your band front and center once and for all!




Comments (2)

Chris Lefebvre
eXp Realty - Methuen, MA
Methuen MA Real Estate Pro

My broker teaches us how to do this on our own!

May 21, 2011 02:18 PM
Larry Kanter
2inovate - Phoenix, AZ

I'm glad your broker teaches it. That's odd because you don't come up in the first page of google???

May 21, 2011 03:15 PM