well beyond its price...

Real Estate Broker/Owner with eDrake

Home ownership is the best personal investment one can make. A home provides the ability to control the condition, improvements, maintenance, amenities and landscape of an investment with the added plus of realizing its appreciation over time. Time and care accumulates the home's investment stability and along with that primary need of shelter the owner gets comfort and a place to grow; to be in good times and in bad and raise a glass with friends and family and safe from the storms; a homes' worth goes well beyond its price.

Wall Street gives investors none of these advantages; stock is worth what it is worth with an investors hope that the company will be well run and profitable. Investors cannot control the golden parachutes or Enron type debacles. Wall Street will never/can ever beat Main Street as an the best investment. Wall Street should be a secondary investment strategy after a sound real estate foundation is developed.  


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