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Every now and then a concept comes along and totally changes the space.   We feel this is one of those times. The combination of a recessive economy and a new innovative web based delivery model has had an enormous, lasting, impact on digital couponing and small business marketing in general and now you can profit from this growth industry. visit me at

Digital Couponing for Customer Development

Qnanza is more than just Daily Deals, its an evolution in couponing for customer acquisition. Imagine a combination of Daily Deals and a directory of Deals available in your geographic area (and by your specific area of interest). Business Owners are not overwhelmed with a one time influx of discount customers, but instead, receive a steady flow of new customers every month. For consumers, imagine receiving great savings on products and services you desire right in their own back yard and now imagine being rewarded for simply sharing the Qnanza concept with others. That's right, consumers can receive FREE deals when others they have shared Qnanza with purchase great deals of their own. Be sure to watch the Video Overview for the details (talk about viral... wow!).

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Benefits for Business Owners


  • Pre-Payment
  • Long Term Initiative
    (Not a one time shot)
  • Breakage Benefits the Business
    (this is Huge)
  • Manageable Process
    • Does not stress out employees
    • Controls inventory
    • Increases customer service
    • Does not squeeze out full fare or existing patrons
    • Increases employee support 
      (A key ingredient of success)
  • Integration with Qnanza's Customer Development System 
    * Turns deal seekers into Regulars!

Benefits for Consumers

Gold Banaza!

  • Deep Discounts
  • Limited Offers / Specific Deals
  • Geographical Proximity
  • Deals by Areas of Interest
  • Earn FREE Deals (or Cash) for referring others

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