Living Green and Eating Clean in Asheville, NC

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Living Green and Eating Clean in Asheville, NC

Living green and eating clean is the direction of the future and as previously said, Asheville is leading the way--which is why you should move here or invest in Asheville real estate.  Our favorite place, this week, is Greenlife GroceryGreenlife Grocery

Greenlife, in downtown Asheville, is a great place to buy whole foods, local foods, and to just enjoy the community.


It’s interesting and inviting--from the unusual signs  and community-friendly feel outside...

"Go"--community based development organization







to the isles of healthful foods,chocolate!  go to


the to-die-for bakery, and their locally focused butcher shop, inside.

the butcher shop features locally grown beef and pork






I love this store!  And, in typical Asheville form, there is almost always a talented musician in front of Greenlife to make beautiful music for you while you are simply going to get your milk and bread. You could spend your whole day there!  (Actually, a lot of people seem to be doing that!)

Airhorn Slim playing the blues--excellent!


The bottom line is, Asheville is a great place to live or to, consider it!  Asheville is beautiful on the outside AND on the inside--because it is moving fast towards goals that are becoming very important to more and more people--goals like living green and eating clean.






For those of you who are looking to buy property in Asheville, NC, here is another...

Home Buyer’s Tip
Last time, your buyer’s tip was to use  a Buyer’s Agent.  And, as previously noted, the seller pays for this service for you!  Here’s how it works:  when a seller hires an agent (who then becomes the seller’s agent or listing agent) a commission is agreed upon.  This amount is built into the sales price.  When that house is sold, the listing agent’s firm receives that commission. If the buyer has a buyer’s agent, the listing agent splits the commission with the buyer’s firm. There is no additional fee to the buyer for using a buyer’s agent and if the buyer is not represented by a buyer’s agent, there is likely no discount for him/her.

Any licensed real estate agent can act as a buyer’s agent OR a seller’s agent--or even, a dual agent--representing both sides.  The bottom line is, if you are a buyer and have no buyer’s agency agreement with the agent you are speaking with-- you need to be cautious about any information you give.   Read the “Working With Real Estate Agents” brochure and communicate with the agent you are speaking to about this to be sure you are all on the same page.

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