Hot Springs Village Arkansas Homes for Sale under $150,000

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Hot Springs Village Arkansas Homes for Sale under $150,000.

Wow...There is so much diversity in this price range here in the Largest Gated Community in the United States - Hot Springs Village Arkansas - especially in Homes for Sale under $150,000! At this writing there are actually 111 homes for sale. 

Highs & Lows in This Range
They range from a 1,066 sf home built in 1972 with no updating & priced at $59,900 on the low end to a Golf Course Frontage home around 1,900 sf. built in 1992 at $150,000 on the high end obviously. The average price in this range is just over $118,000. You can actually get some big square footages in this range of up to 2,600 sf. There are both 2 & 3 bedroom homes in this category but 4 bedrooms are very rare.


Other Interesting Points About Hot Springs Village Homes for Sale under $150,000 
You will find about a 30 year age range in this strata of the market and many of the older & not so older homes are being updated and upgraded. You will see what I mean below. While most of our homes are built on Crawlspaces, some were built on slabs as well. The Crawlspaces resulted from the natural slope of the land here and is excellent for storage underneath the home. While many in this price range have carports, there are plenty that have 1 & 2 car garages. There are also a few Hot Springs Village Foreclosures.

Are you ready to see some great examples of Hot Springs Village Homes under $150,000? Well, here ya go....ENJOY! 

1 Balenciaga Way ($109,900 2 bed/2 bath) beautiful natural Maple Hardwood Floors throughout the home.
It sits at one of the highest spots on the West side of the Village and the vaulted ceilings and high glass add to the drama of it's location. 

How about a soothing POOL? Well, it's concrete so there's no liner to replace and can even be heated if you wish! The newly updated home at 2 Sombrecama ($124,900 2 bed/2 bath) was very well done and is completely move in ready. There is a ton of storage outside including beneath the roomy deck.

5 Mos Circle is yours if you want something architecturally unique both outside and in. It's been the beneficiary of some wonderful modern style touches. Of course, you may love the fact that it has two good size living rooms & 3 bedrooms! At just $113,900 you need to take a look for sure.

How about a Mountain View in the winter time and lush greenery view in the summer? 72 Laguna has that along with an easy location just minutes from the front gate and Highway 7. This is a wonderul street to live on if you like to get out and walk in the mornings or evenings. It's a "no brainer" at $79,900.

Are you searching for a spectacular price per square foot deal or a home with 4 bedrooms? Look no further than 30 Tomino Way at just $124,900! At just over 2,600 sf of living space and another 400 sf of storage space it doesn't get any better than this. It's had some nice updates as well but my favorite detail of this home is that nearly every ceiling is vaulted!


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