Anatomy of a Vacant

Home Stager with Staging for Top Dollar Stager 9


You have the agreed on the plan, the budget, the time line and the fees for staging a new build. The contract has been signed and the certified cheque is in the bank. Time for the fun to begin. Usually it is a very quick turn around from the signed contact to the videos for MLS and open house. The following is a typical vacant staging. Monday---- signed contract till Saturday open house. The Realtors and builders are always pushing the time--- be prepared. As my vacants are usually a hour away one way ---- this driving time must be considered in the staging time line and budget.

Monday: Check the site. Make sure the property has been professionally cleaned and all tradespeople have finished their work. Make sure that the neighbours are aware that a complete staging will happen on Wednesday and Thursday and there will be moving trucks and additional cars parked on the street. GET A KEY! Check color choices with your sample board. Confirm availability of staff and book them. Book the moving truck and crew. Review inventory lists and check storage.

Monday, P.M.: Mentally choose from inventory and make a list to buy to complete each room. Always keep in mind the demographics and the 'story' the show home will tell when complete

Why is it that your always get brilliant ideas in the middle of a sleepless night?

Tuesday: Shop for needed items. Take fabric for pillows, bedding and throws to seamstress. Take inventory bedding, pillowcases, and runners to drycleaners for pressing. (Why? It saves time on site if all soft goods are ready to go. It is easier for me to choose fabrics in one time shopping in fabric store rather than scoot all over to find the right pattern and pillow colour.) Order outdoor containers and flowers from nursery.

Wednesday: Pick up truck. Do not forget the tool box! Pack truck from storage in reverse order of placing in rooms. All accessories and soft goods in clear containers. ( Remember to bring lots of water and food!) Take pictures for insurance purposes. At site: Lay protective coverings on floors. All staff with indoor shoes. Place inventory in room rows in garage. Place larger items in place in correct rooms. Place art but do not hang. Stage baths and kitchen

Take pictures as you go for insurance purposes. Also. the camera sees the little things that you visually miss. Work only four hours as by this time the staff is mentally burnt out. Regroup and take suggestions for changes, where needed. ( A staff that has input is a staff that stays together!)

Thursday: Additional shopping. Pick up sewing and drycleaning. Staff completes each room and hangs art and mirrors last. Polish and clean ,as necessary as you go. As each room is complete close the door.

Friday: Pick up outdoor containers from nursery and arrange flowers in main rooms. Final showcasing of each room. Take pictures for yourself. Video person arrives with Builder and Realtor. Take kudos. Arrange to buy video.

Saturday: Leave business cards in prominent place. Open house. Realtor arranges for goodies.

Saturday: Write up inventory with pictures. Post expenses and pay staff invoices.

Monday: Phone for feedback from the Realtor and Builder. Add their compliments to website!


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Sally Weatherley
Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C

Marilyn - You are a true professional.  I love your list and method.  I know this all works, having had the joy of being a part of your staff, from time to time.  Your work is always delightful and the job runs smoothly, thanks to your great planning.

May 22, 2011 06:05 PM