So We Are Still Here

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Yes we made it. I know some people were really concerned. I agree with Shanno here. WE sholud live each day to the fullest here as we never know what tomorrow will bring

So We Are Still Here

Yesterday was in interesting one. There was a lot of chatter going on about the Rapture, and then later in the evening, the lack there of. It got me to thinking about some things and I wanted to share some of my random thoughts:

1) I wonder how many babies will be born in, say, about 9 months from now? Enough said.

2) For those who believed the Rapture was going to happen yesterday and quit their jobs or gave away their life savings, where do they go from here? Will they keep their faith? Will they abandon their prior beliefs?

3) For those who don't believe in the Rapture, where do they go from here? Will yesterday's lack of events serve as their proof?

4) Life is matter what you believe. ALL of our days are numbered.

5) Live life to the fullest and with PURPOSE every single day.

The Rapture didn't happen yesterday. For those who believe, it will happen someday and no man shall be able to predict the day or hour. For those who don't believe, their life shall go on like it did yesterday and the days before. BUT, no matter what you believe or don't believe, this much is true: None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

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