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Have You Lost Your Marbles???

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Have You Lost Your Marbles???

If you are like most Real Estate Professionals when the sub prime market ceased to exist you found a lot of your contacts (Marbles) had also cut their loses and taking off in search of new and hopefully greener pastures. Mortgage offices that use to be a buzz were empty, lenders branches that were full of activity were closed and the list goes on. Many small companies that served their communities had disappeared and with them so did your contacts(Marbles).

What to do now? Sit it out or learn new trades, new skills. I myself struggled with these and many other questions. I went out and obtained my property appraisers license. It took time money and a lot of hard work and effort but I finally got it. Only to find that appraisal companies were cutting back staff and many were closing their offices as well.

So was I really going to go back and complete all the requirements that were necessary to retain my brokers license. You bet I was. It is who I am, It is what I do. I didn't get into this business because it was easy money. I got into it when rates were a lot higher and loan programs were scarce and I survived then and I will survive now. SEE JIMBO'S OUTSIDE BLOG.

Yes I lost my Marbles but I have begun to collect new marbles and I must say these are the biggest prettiest Marbles of all. These shinny new marbles are a fine collection of old school marbles like myself who enjoy helping other people find the way. True professionals with good character and a strong sense of ethics as well.

It's not to late to find your marbles all you have to do to get started is join ACTIVE RAIN TODAY.

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Jim Poole

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Terri Poehler
Realtor - Coral Springs, FL
Coral Springs Real Estate Agent

Good Blog Jim. I think to stay sane in this business, all of us have lost atleast some of our marbles. Lol.

Jul 06, 2011 05:43 AM