Are You Addicted to House Hunting?

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From time to time I run across clients who become addicted to the thrill of house hunting. They enjoy combing through internet listings looking for just the right house - and the thrill of opening the door to find out if the photos tell the true story of the home becomes an undeniable rush!

House hunting should be fun! But don't make the mistake of forgetting that it should also have an end goal. I've had clients find the home they love on our second trip out to see homes, but then instead of making an offer - they keep looking. Six months ago that might not have caused an issue as the home would probably have been still available when they decided they were done looking. Today - not so much.

I recently had a client lose out on the home they really wanted - because they did not want to give up the search "just in case" a better home was out there. When that better home did not appear and they finally grew weary of the trips to view homes - the home first on their list was sold to someone else.

Know the warning signs:

  • If you find yourself extending your search area to other towns or areas just to have more options to see - you might be addicted to house hunting!
  • If you find a home that has everything on your "Must Have" list and you then make the list longer so that it includes items not at that house - you might be addicted to house hunting!
  • If you stay up late, miss work or forget to shower because you are searching homes on line - you might be addicted to house hunting!

If the addiction becomes too much to overcome, consider getting your real estate license. Realtors house hunt for a living!

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Angela Hardy
BHHS Northwest Real Estate - Bothell, WA

Thanks for the comments guys :) Dale - the thought of sending them the post makes me laugh!

May 26, 2011 04:21 AM