Are You Buying A Home In Milpitas CA?

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Are You Buying A Home in Milpitas CA?

  • First, get pre-approved.  Hire a loan officer, preferably one who works with a nationwide retail bank or mortgage lender.
  • Create a list of features and attributes you want you home to have.  How many bedrooms, how many baths, size family room, size of kitchen, location, size of backyard, swimming pool or not, distance from work, distance from school, type of school, type of neighborhood, etc.  Based on what you are pre-approved for narrow your criteria down to workable levels.  Dont pick out criteria for a mansion when you are only pre-approved for a condo unit.
  • Real Estate purchase is contract based.  Do not make agreements on hand shakes.  Get everything in writing.
  • If you don't understand the terms and conditions of your real estate agreement, get your real estate agent, loan officer, escrow officer or attorney to explain it to you.  If you do not speak English well get an interpreter or, if possible, get the contract translated to your language. 
  • Be present at all inspections like the home inspection, roof inspection, termite inspection, appraisal.  Ask your questions and do not stop until you understand clearly.  Know the dates these inspections are scheduled for and be there on that date.
  • You will need insurance for your home to safeguard against damage to the home like fire, theft, water damage, etc.  Your car insurer will give you discounts if you insure your home with them as well. 
  • Investigate the city you will be moving to.  Know the neighborhood, crime rate, school ratings, community services, and demographics.
  • Are you buying a home in Milpitas CA?