Home Tenders Wanted: Experience Luxury Living For Less.

Home Stager with Home Tenders Incoporated - Live Staging In Southern Oregon

Experience Luxury Living for Less

Home Tenders Inc. seeks responsible Home Tenders to live in and properly maintain unoccupied homes. Our Home Tenders are carefully screened and selected to move into a quality home with their own furniture on a temporary basis. Home Tenders can expect to pay $400 - $1500 a month in exchange for taking excellent care of the residence that would normally rent out for $800 - $3000 (and up).

What Will Be Requested Of You?

The home will be on the market for sale, so you will need to keep the property in "show to sell" condition since it will be visited by prospective buyers. The property will be staged with the assistance of a professional staging consultant using your furniture (additional furnishings available as needed and at the Home Tenders expense.)

The Benefits of Home Tending

  1. You can temporarily live in a new area to evaluate that area for..your permanent home.
  2. You get to live in a nice upscale home for a fraction of what the home might rent for.
  3. For those interested in buying a home you can try out various floor plans first without committing to buying the home.
  4. Get out of a stale apartment and into a real house.

Are You:

• Relocating to the area
• Building a new home
• Waiting to close on a home
• A Business Professional
• Saving to buy your own home
• Experiencing a lifestyle transition
• Able to re-locate within 14 days notice

Ready To Become A Home Tender?


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