How Can I Become A Home Tender? Where Do I Apply To Become A Home Tender? What Is A Home Tender?

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How Can I Become A Home Tender?

More and more people are becoming Home Tenders, and it makes sense. Where else can you find temporary luxury living at an affordable price? Becoming a Home Tender is a fairly simple process. The first step is to apply to become a Home Tender , and then to complete the Home Tenders Inc screening process. All of our Home Tenders are pre-screened and run through background checks and reference checks to ensure that our home owners are protected when they choose Home Tenders Incorporated to help them sell their homes.

One key component of being a successful Home Tender is the ability to keep the home ready to show. Most Home Tender assignments are in homes that are on the market. We guarantee our home owners that their homes will be ready to show and easy to access for real estate brokers to show to their potential buyers. This means the homes and yards must be properly managed throughout the Home Tenders assignment. We can help you learn more about the specific requirements of becoming a Home Tender at this website.

Home Tenders Inc. seeks responsible Home Tenders to live in and properly maintain unoccupied homes. Our Home Tenders are carefully screened and selected to move into a quality home with their own furniture on a temporary basis.
Home Tenders can expect to pay $400 - $1500 a month in exchange for taking excellent care of the residence that would normally rent out for $800 - $3000 (and up). A security deposit is also required for any damages that may occur during the Home Tenders stay.

The Benefits of Home Tending


  1. You can temporarily live in a new area to evaluate that area for..your permanent home.
  2. You get to live in a nice upscale home for a fraction of what the home might rent for.
  3. For those interested in buying a home you can try out various floor plans first without committing to buying the home.
  4. Get out of a stale apartment and into a real house.

Are You:

                                                •    Relocating to the area
                                                •    Building a new home
                                                •    Waiting to close on a home
                                                •    A Business Professional
                                                •    Saving to buy your own home
                                                •    Experiencing a lifestyle transition
                                                •    Able to re-locate within 14 days notice

Ready To Become A Home Tender?


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