Buying an East Cobb Foreclosure

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Are you looking to buy a foreclosed home in East Cobb? Nowadays, buyers are being drawn to the oversupply of foreclosures on the market hoping they can find a good deal. These deals are possible because overwhelmed lenders are stuck holding real estate that they don’t want. The only way to free up their balance sheets is to unload thousands of homes at discount prices. Remember, banks are in the money lending business, not the property management business.

This means opportunity for buyers looking for a discounted home. It is not uncommon to find foreclosed homes being sold at 75-85% of their appraised value. On occasion, it is possible to find homes at even steeper discount than that. East Cobb has plenty of foreclosed homes from the 100’s to nearly a million.

One of the most important decisions you can make in buying a foreclosed East Cobb home is working with a real estate professional. Buying a foreclosed home is much different than a traditional sale and there are many factors potential homeowners need to be aware of. I recommend having a buyer’s agent fully represent you during the transaction. To read my blog I wrote about the importance of Buyer Representation in East Cobb click here. If you are interested in buying or learning more about buying a foreclosure property in East Cobb or a surrounding area then I would be happy to discuss your options. I can be reached directly at 770-688-5448.

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