Storm-Proofing Your Lake Elmo, MN Lakefront Home

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If you are selling your Lake Elmo, MN lakefront home, be advised that the Minnesota summer storm season is upon us! After a tornado ripped a path of destruction through north Minneapolis earlier this week, it’s clear that no city or neighborhood is immune to the destructive forces of Mother Nature. Many homes that were for sale in Minneapolis are now completely off the market due to extensive damage, and homeowners are finding themselves with many weeks and thousands of dollars of work before their homes will be ready to sell.

It’s impossible to fully prepare for something like a tornado, but there are several steps you can take to minimize damage to your home in the event of severe weather.

Check Your Coverage

The first step you should take is to be aware of your homeowners insurance policy regarding storm damage. Most policies do not include coverage for damage from flooding (or earthquakes or hurricanes, though these are much less likely in Minnesota), but coverage for these can be purchased separately. Damage sustained to roofs and siding from a tornado is covered under most policies, but coverage for damage to lawns or external additions is more rare. Review your policy, and see if there are additional plans you could put into place for a reasonable cost.

Trim Those Trees!

Because one of the largest causes of storm damage to homes is fallen limbs from trees, proper tree care is one of the greatest preventative measures you can take as a homeowner. Trim tree branches back well from your home. For trees that are dying or for very high or large branches, find a licensed tree care specialist in your area (input your zip here and select “Tree Care Services” to find one near you).

Do Basic Yard Work

Removing fallen branches and debris from your yard will help prevent damage to your home in the event of strong winds. Similarly, securing items such as grills, swing sets, lawn furniture and sheds will prevent them from becoming a missile aimed at your house in a storm.

Inventory your Belongings

Whether you suffer damage to your belongings from storms, lose them to theft or another disaster, it’s always a good idea to keep a running inventory of your possessions. You can do it online for free here. This will save you much time with your insurance company in the event of a loss.

Getting your Lake Elmo lakefront property prepared for a storm may feel like the very last thing on your mind as you work on selling your home. But with some minimal effort, you can prevent some of the most common damage and help ensure that your home stays ready to sell.

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