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Are you in the market for a foreclosed East Cobb home? East Cobb is a sought after affluent suburb of Atlanta that has top school districts with elite athletic programs. For this reason, many families love the East Cobb area. These days nearly every buyer is looking to take advantage of the oversupply in the marketplace. That oversupply of East Cobb homes is due mostly to bank owned homes that now dominate the marketplace.

With overloaded balance sheets, lenders have no choice other than to sell properties at discounted prices. A typical foreclosure will sell for between 75-85% of the actual appraised value. With all these great deals out there it is easy for buyers to be caught up with the foreclosure buying frenzy. There are pitfalls though that buyers need to be aware of. One important point to emphasis is that foreclosures are sold as-is.

Lenders are not in the hammer-swinging business and typically will not allow for any kind of repair concession. So a thorough inspection is a must. Any repairs that need to be made should be budgeted into what you’re willing to spend. Secondly, I always encourage buyers to not get into a bidding war and get pre-approved before starting the house hunting process.

This ensures you will not overextend your loan limits and chasing homes you can’t afford. If you are interested in buying an East Cobb foreclosure, I would be happy to help you through the process. I pride myself in working hard as a buyer’s representative to make your home purchase exciting and stress free.

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