The Best Waterfall Hike Near Asheville, NC!

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The Best Waterfall Hike Near Asheville, NC!


Our favorite place, this week, is... Catawba FallsCatawba Falls



My husband, a native Ashevillian, has taken me, and our children and myriads of friends, on this hike to Catawba Falls many times.

In the past, we would park our car and quickly zip around the gate with the threatening sign.  Fortunately, and with many thanks to The Foothills Conservancy, access to Catawba Falls is now officially legal! (Whew!) There is even a yellow lab who sometimes hovers about the entrance of the trail with a collar designating him as the official guide dog for the Catawba Falls.



the old dam, on the way up to Catawba Falls

The trail begins at the end of Catawba River Road, which is a bit hard to find. From Asheville, take I-40 east to exit 73 (Old Fort). Catawba River Road connects to the exit road--you will miss it if you go all the way to the intersecting road (Bat Cave Road).  So, before the “exit” ends, look for the sharp right onto Catawba River Road.  


Go to the end of this road, park on the left, and look for the guide doggie.  If you don’t see him, you’re on your own!  


Catawba Falls

Walk around the gate that blocks the road and continue around the barn and onto the trail.  Don’t let the first part of this trail fool you--this hike is no walk in the park.

There is a completely wonderful and refreshing pool at the base of the waterfall--please do not bring children past this point.  There are multiple falls beyond, but even my adventurous daughter says that it requires impressive navigational skills.  As far as I'm concerned, going farther is just plain dangerous (disclaimer--not that the first part wasn't dangerous...)

be careful with children at Catawba Falls



And, most importantly--DO NOT bring children who will not listen to you when you tell them to hold your hand!







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Deborah "Dee Dee" Garvin
C2 Financial - San Diego, CA
C2 Financial

Terri,  This post (and all of your previous posts) is wonderful!  You have done such a stellar job of showcasing your area that I think I would love living there!  Beautiful pictures and I love the Home Buyers Tip!  Great job!  

Jun 11, 2011 07:51 AM
Terri Orr
Wilkinson ERA Real Estate - Charlotte, NC

Wow, Deborah, thank you so much for reading and for you encouraging words!  And, if you have any helpful tips--it would be appreciated!

Jun 13, 2011 02:34 AM