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Trust me......

Supernova Studios BlogTwo words that can make you cringe. If someone has to tell you or ask you to trust them then it’s a good bet you either don’t know them or don’t trust them. Knowing someone (having a relationship with them) is a big factor for trust.

I've been getting daily recommendation requests posted to my Facebook profile from various "friends" in my network. Many of the requests are from people I have never met and never done business with.

The web casts a spell on people where they may feel an intimacy and connection with others they have met online which really is not justified.

Trust is a funny thing. I trust my doctor because he’s got the credentials and the license, but, that trust only goes so far. I had to develop a relationship with him where that trust built up over a number of years of good advice and the kind of professional compassion and skill I look for in a health care professional.

I invest trust in people because over time, they have demonstrated to me that I can.

Supernova Studios BlogOnline recommendations are powerful. Nielsen’s Global Online Consumer Survey reveals that 90% of consumers online trust recommendations from people that they know, with 70% trusting the opinions by people they don't know.

While I understand that building your online reputation via recommendations is a good idea, boosting your online reputation takes time and effort. Once you have established a consistent pattern of connecting with others online, you will see your reputation flourish and more and more people will want to be a part of your social media network for business. As always, it is all about building and maintaining relationships.

There are many ways in which you can successfully build your reputation online. The generation of large amounts of content, through blogs, videos, etc, are some of the most effective ways to accomplish that. It is important to remember, however, that your reputation will not be built up overnight. It takes time and the consistent involvement of other people.

Building a brand is just like building a reputation in that you need to prove yourself again and again in order for people to put their trust in you and become loyal to you. Follow the 80-20 rule of marketing and spend 80% or more of your time in social media activities that are not self-promotional and only 20% or less on activities that are self-promotional.

Supernova Studios fan page on Facebook is almost 2 years old. It has taken that long to build a strong and faithful following. We provide a service on this page, answer questions, offer tips and advice and rarely "sell" our services.

We are proud of the recommendations we have recieved from our faithful clients. You can check them out on LinkedIn, our Facebook page, Google Places and at our site.

To help "build" our online reputation we belong to the Chamber of Commerce and accredited with the Better Business Bureau

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