Landscaping Helps Sell your Cottage Grove, MN House!

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You want to sell your house in Cottage Grove, MN as quickly as possible. You’ve cleaned out your belongings to make it more attractive to potential buyers, you’ve painted the walls and done the repair work necessary. You’ve maybe even baked cookies before a showing to make the whole place smell amazing. But one key area is often overlooked by sellers focused on the interior of their home: landscaping.

Done well, landscaping brings a 100-200% return in its value. If you have the money and time to hire a professional, do so (you can find licensed landscaping professionals near Cottage Grove at But if you’re short on time and want to add value and curb appeal to your home, follow the tips found in this article.

#1 – Keep the Green
Don’t get rid of trees unless they’re dead or otherwise extremely unattractive. Trees have an inherent value to most would-be buyers. And add plants around your home

#2 – Get Rid of the Brown
Remove as much dead plant/grass/branch material from your yard as possible. Green says “fresh and cared for”. Brown says “neglected”. Follow the tips in the article:

  • Rake the lawn to remove any overwintering dead leaves or dead grass stems. It will instantly make the remaining foliage look brighter and more appealing. 
  • Shrubs — remove any dead branches first thing in spring. Put a thin layer of new mulch around all shrubs to freshen up the look. Do not use coloured mulches. People who don’t like them will reduce offers, but people who do like them can still tolerate natural bark mulches. 
  • Weed constantly because a single weed can reduce the impact you’re trying to create. Weeds say “neglect.” 
  • Avoid hanging baskets unless you can really grow them. By July they tend to look weather beaten. Pavers and pavement — clean them within an inch of their lives. 
  • Perennials — deadhead, deadhead, deadhead. Keep those perennial plants trimmed up and neat. 
  • Bulbs — cut them to the ground as soon as possible and plant annuals over top of them. 
  • Water gardens — clean out, get the pumps working immediately and toss as many clumps of oxygenators into the pond as needed to get rid of the spring algae bloom and get the water clear.

#3 – Find the “Wow”
Make your yard not only green, but lush and green by overseeding it. Keep your annuals well-watered and bright. Edge all your flower beds. These small steps add up to a big impression on buyers.

Make your home in Cottage Grove, Minnesota stand out from the pack with some basic landscaping. The numbers don’t lie – you’ll reap the benefits!

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