Why Buy Union New Jersey Real Estate?

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Why Buy Union New Jersey Real Estate?

Union New Jersey Real Estate is not only a wise investment, but a great opportunity to be involved in the growth of a thriving city in northwestern New Jersey. Union has easy access to the 8 minuet direct train to Newark or Buses for those of you who commute into New York for work or play and want a good investment at the same time.

If you already have investment real estate in Union New Jersey that you are interesting in selling, the market is great for you to get top dollar. Whatever your situation, Union offers such marketable assets as:

  • Family oriented society
  • Ranked #75 Best Places to Live 2008
  • Mid - High level income brackets
  • Mid - High end property values
  • Reputable school system
  • Convenient and eco-friendly public transportation

Union New Jersey Figures

In the 18th century, the area that is now Union was then called Connecticut Farms. As of the United States 2010 Census, the township population increased to a record high of 56,642. The average adult age is 39; with families composing approximately 77% of the population. Real estate in Union thrives with a focus on expansion and single family new home construction.

The median income in Summit, NJ is $59,173. The average value of a single family home is $360,000; nearly $120,000 higher than New Jersey's state average. Investing in real estate here is a wise financial and social decision for you and your family.

Union NJ Schools

The town is a family oriented city. Union High School prepares students to be responsible and productive citizens within our ever-changing society.

Burnet Middle School and Kawameeh Middle School offers opportunities for growth with a well-rounded education. The curriculum includes: foreign languages, art, music and various computer courses. The middle school prepares adolescents to move on to high school and become well-educated, open minded adults upon graduation.

The town prides itself on being the home to six high-ranking K-5 schools,  Battle Hill School , Hannah Caldwell School , Connecticut Farms Elementary School, Franklin School, Livingston School and Washington School - Central Five-Jefferson School They offer every child an exceptional education that promotes emotional, social, physical and academic growth. These K-5 schools offer academic and creative challenges which include:

·  Literature-based language strategies

·  Process writing

·  Manipulative math experiences

·  Hands-on science education

·  Hands-on computer education

The school system is a combined effort of students, parents and teachers. They work toward developing a successful, strong and well-rounded individual in each graduate.

Union is also the home to Kean University, several private nursery schools, two Roman Catholic elementary schools: St. Michael's and Holy Spirit, and The Deron School, a private school for learning disabled students..

Union's Train Line

It's no secret to residents of Union New Jersey why they are at an advantage living in a Midtown Direct city. Easy access to the Midtown Direct train line increases property values. With gas prices on the rise, commuting residents look for eco-friendly methods of getting back and forth to work.

The ability to commute by train to the eastern cities of New Jersey and New York City is a huge advantage and a money saver. The Union Station train line offers affordable commuter options and greatly increases property value in towns along its route.

The Bottom Line

Social structure affect real estate investment values along with economical development and, more recently, the amount of environmentally conscious plans in effect in any given area. Cities like Union, New Jersey attract "All American" families. This attraction causes property values to sky rocket. The growing trend to be environmentally responsible and economical makes for a winning combination in an area that offers great real estate investment and resale potential.

If you are seeking to invest in an area where property values continue to rise and resale values grow, Union New Jersey may be for you. Contact a tech savvy Realtor today to find out what wonderful investment opportunities await you in this beautiful town.

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