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I blogged a couple of days ago about the tax incentive program Louisiana has in place to spur business relocation and growth in the digital and social media areas.  Baton Rouge - in particular - has benefited from this program. 

Just yesterday another company has announced their intention to relocation their operations to Baton Rouge!  BitRaider - based in Jacksonville - is planning on moving into the Louisiana Technology Park in the near future.  They intend to create 22 jobs over the next 9 months or so with an average pay of $51,000/job.  It is estimated that these jobs will indirectly create an additional 35 jobs in Baton Rouge

There were several local organizations that worked diligently over a period of 2 years to make this relocation happen:  Louisiana Digital Gaming Initiative, Louisiana Technology Park, Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce & Louisiana Economic Development.

Congratulations to these organizations for all their hard work and WELCOME - BitRaider - to Baton Rouge!

If you are an individual or small business contemplating relocation to or within Baton Rouge, MoveVantage would like to see how we can assist you in your relocation. We are a national relocation services company focused on small business and consumer relocation and obsessed with delivering extraordinary customer service.

Our relocation services include:

- Assign each of our clients a dedicated client services adviser to help manage your entire relocation to Baton Rouge.

- Recommend a leading real estate agent to sell your existing home

- I will personally handle your Baton Rouge real estate needs. I have included a link at the bottom of this post so that you can search available Baton Rouge inventory.

- Recommend a moving solution that gets your household goods to Baton Rouge as efficiently as possible.

- Localized research - schools, parks, cultural activities, restaurants, utilities...and any other information requested by our clients.

- Other services as needed and requested by our clients.

Because we are compensated for our services by our real estate and moving partners, there generally are no additional charges to our clients for our services.

If all this sounds to good to be true - it isn't!

Corporate professionals have enjoyed the benefits of relocation services for years and I believe that those same benefits should be available to everyone.

Let MoveVantage put a customized, personalized relocation plan together for you and/or your small business.

Give Quinton Renfro a call with any questions that you may have and let's get your relocation to Baton Rouge started today!

I can be reached at 877.477.3542 or by e-mail at

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