Milpitas CA. Could You Use Up To $12000 Grant Money To Purchase A Home?

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Grant Money


Milpitas CA, Could You Use Up To $12000 Grant Money To Puchase A Home?

The California Housing Fund has available up to $12000 Grant Money available per homebuyer.  The fund is limited and may not be available for too long.  Program requirements are as follows:

  1. Borrower must owner occupy the property
  2. Borrower's income cannot exceed income limits set by the county where the property is located
  3. Maximum loan amount is $417,000
  4. Program not limited to 1st Time Homebuyers
  5. Minimum Credit Score to qualify is 620
  6. Borrower must meet required FHA & VA underwriting guidelines

Take advantage NOW!  If you are purchasing a home in Milpitas CA and wish to avail of this Grant Money, call me at (408) 316-0793 so I can give your more details and we can start the process to your New Home!

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