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Relocating to Jacksonville, Florida - St. Johns County is the place to be!!

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Relocating to Jacksonville, Florida -- St. Johns County is the place to be!!  Relocating to a new area is both exciting and scary.  Sometimes, you will be visiting a city you've never even been to and must rely on others to help you make an informed decision.  We work with many people relocating to the area and like to refer to ourselves as their crystal ball.    Since my partner and I both are mothers of elementary children we understand how much more is involved than finding a great house.  If you're like us, finding the right schools and an area you will feel welcomed and comfortable in is probably more important than loving the home.  So if I were relocating to Jacksonville (and my Realtor partner actually did over 5 years ago from California), my crystal ball would point right to St. Johns County.  Having grown up in Jacksonville, I've actually lived in several areas including:  Arlington, Baymeadows, Southside and then with a family of my own in Southside and Mandarin.  We moved to the St. Johns area after I kept helping my clients in their own relocations.  (I was always jealous because the area is so great!!)   There are many planned communities in St. Johns County, located just south of Duval County (Jacksonville).  Duval County's county lines are the actual city of Jacksonville and if you haven't heard already, Jacksonville is the LARGEST geographical city in the US.   (In other words, be prepared to drive and don't plan on relying on public transportation because it's poor at best.)  Most of the jobs are downtown though of course there are offices spread throughout. 

St. Johns County is literally a drive on a short bridge to Mandarin, one of the better parts of Duval County in terms of the schools, proximity to Downtown and shops/restaurants.   When we relocated to St. Johns for the fabulous public schools, my husband and I settled on an area called Durbin Crossing because we wanted a large lot and he wanted a three car garage.  (My husband described this as a non-negotiable since in Florida there are no basements and he was sick of parking his car in the elements.  The cold whether is not so bad but the summers are BRUTAL.)   The advantage to Durbin Crossing is that it has fairly easy access to I-95.  The amenities aren't as crowded as they are in other St. Johns areas but because there aren't as many people to pay for them, they are a bit more expensive.  My partner, Erica Jolles, lives in Julington Creek Plantation.  Her amenities are fabulous. Homes are a bit older and they don't have sidewalks throughout the neighborhoods like the newer communities do.  Both areas have pros and cons but both areas are geared towards families with social events, playgrounds, water slides,  fitness rooms and splash areas.  The communities butt up to each other with JCP being just west of Durbin Crossing.

Another great area is Nocatee.  This area is located even further east and is just a short drive to the beach.  The amenities here are amazing but the lots are smaller and the homes more expensive.  It's also just a tad further from downtown and there aren't quite as many restaurants, etc. because it's not yet built out.


(JCP is 100% built out, Durbin Crossing is about 50% and Nocatee is about 10% - May 2011.)

South of Durbin Crossing and JCP is the 210 corridor which is just off the major interstate, I-95.  This is an advantage to people working downtown though I am told the traffic backs up getting onto I-95.  (There are many planned communities off 210 but one of the disadvantages of this area is that it was built during the boom and there are still going to be many short sales and foreclosures sitting out there.  This is the same story for Palencia which is further south from Nocatee and in between Jacksonville and St. Augustine.)   Further south from 210 is World Golf Village.  If you're an avid golfer, then it's definitely a community to consider.  Beyond World Golf is St. Augustine, a tourist area which is very eclectic and a little slower paced.  It's a wonderful day trip or a fun evening out but doesn't offer the convenience to Downtown Jacksonville or the fabulous amenities of most of the planned communities in northern St. Johns.

Ponte Vedra Beach is also part of St. Johns County and as you can imagine, life near the beach is more expensive.  If price isn't an objection and you don't mind a further commute, it's well worth considering.

If you've enjoyed this overview, we are happy to schedule an appointment with you either over the phone or via Skye prior to your visit down.


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