Trying to sell your home in MN - here's are the facts!

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Trying sell your home in Minnesota (or anywhere else for that matter):

Did your listing expire?  Stage Your Home!

  • You have more competition than ever before.
  • Prices are still in decline.
  • The majority of listings on MLS are reduced in price at least once before they sell.
  • Buyers are in decreasing supply as the season moves into summer.
  • These buyers have much to choose from.
  • If you are lucky enough to get a offer - even on your prefectly kept home (consider it may be the only one you get).
  • STAGE YOUR HOME!  You need to stand out from the crowd!

A $500 Staging can SELL YOU HOME FASTER and for $1000's more than it would otherwise!

Good luck to all of you needing to sell in today's market.

With 20 years experience, I have been in the business when the Twin Cities Real Estate Market was not as strong as in recent year and know what it takes to get your home sold.

Contact me to learn how I will get your home sold in Minnesota when others can't.

Dana Casey
Realtor / GRI
Bridge Realty Inc
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