Memorial Day Flags Wave near the beaches of Amelia Island in Florida I Remember a Comrade

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Memorial Day Flags Wave near the beaches of Amelia Island in Florida as I drove past last Saturday and I wanted to : SALUTE: I commend the Veterans of Nassau County, especially for the effort to place these flags and more especially for the service they provided to a Nation that very often forgets, forgets the LIBERTIES we have in our lives, takes for granted the freedom's we have with the rights to exercise as we wish, for those who wish speak out against what The United States of America stands for....yes they gave their life you you as well..and they gave it all in moments of valor and in moments where there was not even a warning, in moments that one soldier looked to another and said "lets do this". I give my thanks to the thousands who so valiantly stood up for America and I wish to say thanks to a great friend.. I SALUTE my friend and fallen comrade Matthew J. Bourgeois, this is a small clip taken from the report of his death: The Norfolk-based Navy SEAL who died when a land mine apparently exploded during a training mission in Afghanistan was a 14-year Navy and SEAL veteran with a wife and a seven-month-old son. Chief Petty Officer Matthew J. Bourgeois, 35, of Tallahassee, Fla., was killed at 8:30 a.m. Thursday while his unit was conducting training at the remote site near the U.S. base in Kandahar, the Department of Defense said in a statement. He was the second Norfolk area-based Navy SEAL to die in the war against terrorism. Matthew Bourgeois graduated from Leon High School in Tallahassee. His Navy service included a stint in the Persian Gulf War. Bourgeois had served in the Florida National Guard prior to joining the Navy, Shorey said. Shortly after enlisting, he entered Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) training in San Diego, graduating in 1988. His various awards and decorations included two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals and the Kuwait Liberation Medal. I knew Matt personally and I served along side of him in the early days of his career. He did these acts with Esprit D' Corps without hesitation, without second thought, Matt had a strong Motivation and an undying will of courage. I knew he was a hero hen I first met him, I did not know he would die, but I knew he would give his life for our Country if need be for the beliefs each of us hold true..

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