Legacy day

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Today is a day when we reflect on those who gave their lives for what they believed in. Men and women of valor who stood up to defend this country from internal destruction and external aggression.

This being a day of reflection I ponder on those who have taken the liberty for granted, and have not thought about what kind of legacy they are leaving behind especially for their kids? I know some of us would say we don't have no kids, but we do exert some influence on the upcoming generation.

How have we used our freedom that people lost their live getting and defending? More than any teacher, or family memeber we owe our gratitude to these non related men and women who gave us the right to free speech to be what we want to be. This is a day of reflection to think about your life and legacy. What would you be remembered for in your community? Whats your legacy?

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James Dray
Fathom Realty - Bentonville, AR

WOW!!! what a load of data to think over.  I would like to leave a legacy of being honest and a man with honor.  If we demand respect for our position in life we need to give the same amount of respect to those who we are talking to and leaving a lasting impression in their minds.  That's what I live by

May 30, 2011 01:32 AM