Milpitas CA Buyer, After the Close, Now What?

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Milpitas CA Buyer, After the Close, Now What?

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So you got the home you wanted, now what?  Well, don't end your relationship with your Realtor and Loan Officer thats what!  But what else is there for your Realtor and Loan Officer to do?   Plenty.  Schedule "Home Checkups" every 6 months to review your mortgage, property tax bills, home value and homeowner Insurance policies. Find ways to save on them and/or pay them off early.

Allocate 2% of your purchase price for yearly property maintenance and upkeep.  Avoid deferred maintenance as it will bite you in the end.  Besides, this is your home, you want to keep it in good shape so you and your family can be super comfortable in it with no stress.

Make a list of the maintenance and repair items you will need to keep the house in good shape.  Painting, Air Filters, Clean ducts, Servicing Appliances, Carpet/Floor Cleaning and/or repair, upgrades, garden maintenance and beautification.  There are a lot of things we can do to make our surroundings work better for us. 

Keep in touch with your City through the Milpitas Post or subscribe to the City's online newsletter.  The Milpitas web site has up to date information on legal issues and city events that can impact your domecile.

Volunteer in any of Milpitas's Commissions, Community/Senior Centers, Animal Shelter, Church group or the Library.  Be proud of your neighborhood and give back to it.  Get involved with city issues and spread the information around.  Involved citizens create a healthy City!

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