Selling With The Microwave Mentality

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People talk about how we are used to having things ready in an instant and you may not think about it much, but a "microwave mentality" applies when you want to sell Maryland real estate  as much as it applies anywhere else.

The desire to have things ready rather quickly is a good reason for you to put time into working on the curb appeal of the property that you want to sell. You can catch (or lose) the attention of potential buyers in an instant, so make your house instantly appealing to those who drive by and see a “For Sale” sign and those e who come for an open house:

-Put mulch on the bare ground around shrubs and trees to keep weeds at bay and give the landscape a more uniform appearance.

-Get flats of seasonal flowers in one color or two coordinated hues and make an appealing display.

-If the paint on your fence, railings or front door looks worn, give these things a fresh coat of paint.

-If you have a mailbox that is leaning over or looks outdated, replace it.

-If the numbers on the front of your house/front door are worn or faded, replace them with new ones.

Another influential force in our society is cable and the DIY culture. Years ago, people did see hours of television where experts help people make their homes go from acceptable to amazing.  After being drawn in by curb appeal, some buyers will walk into your home and expect perfection. Let’s say you have great Annapolis real estate in a good condition in a prime location, some buyers will still expect to see a designer’s touch. This is when you can offer a price discount to cover the cost of cosmetic changes like new carpet or paint to seal the deal.

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