My thanks for the 31 Days of May Challenge 2011

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My thanks for the 31 Days of May Challenge 2011

 I just want to thank Christina O'Neal and ActiveRain for doing this contest. When I decided to take the challenge, I didn't think there was anyway I could write 31 blogs in 31 days! Write a blog a day, impossible! I don't have the time or the ability. I probably had a slight sneer when I committed myself to this contest. I really doubted myself.

 Here is it is May 31st and I have written more than 31 blogs and I have enjoyed doing it more then I could ever explain. It did challenge me, it did push me, but I was able to accomplish my goal. I am so excited about completing this challenge that I am ready to face anything else that comes my way. I guess Zig Ziglar was right when he would always stress that we set goals and make plans, it really does work!

Thanks again for this challenge!

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