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Home Stager with Home Tenders Incoporated - Live Staging In Southern Oregon

If you’re selling a vacant home, Home Tenders Incorporated can create an environment for a quicker sale while saving you money. Our professional pre-screened Home Tender service brings you carefully selected, prescreened, resident Home Tenders to live in, tastefully furnish, and maintain your home until it sells. We specifically match a Home Tender to your home based on its size, style, and even the furnishings the Home Tender will use to ensure that your home will be best represented to potential buyers. See the next section of this article for more information.

If you're looking to find short term high end housing, considering becoming a Home Tender is a smart move. Our pre-screened Home Tenders help ensure homes are cared for, staged, and ready for real estate agents to show. In exchange for this Home Tenders are able to live in homes that are much nicer than most rental homes or apartments, and at a fraction of the cost. See the bottom half of this article for more information about becoming a Home Tender.

Information For Home Owners:  How Our Program Works

A home tending arrangement with Home Tenders Inc. offers many benefits to the Home Owner.
First, you are relieved of the financial burden of the carrying, or holding, costs of a vacant property since utilities and maintenance costs are covered by our Home Tenders.

You gain increased Marketability of your home by having it tastefully staged and ready to show continually.

  • Statistics show a well staged home spends 50% less time on the market.
  • Statistics show a well staged home sells for at least 7% more than a comparable non-staged home.
  • A buyer stays in a vacant house an average of 5 minutes but lingers in a furnished home an average of 40 minutes.

Along with lowering your insurance costs, you'll gain additional benefit that comes with the added protection against vandalism and absent-owner deterioration.

At Home Tenders Incorporated, our only mission is to make your home showcased & beautiful to bring about a better sale.  Our service has brought proven success even in adverse market conditions. We’d be delighted to put our proven business model to work for you. Whether you’re a homeowner, Realtor, or builder we offer the services and results you need.

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Information For Those Wanting To Become Home Tenders: 

Home Tenders Inc. seeks responsible Home Tenders to live in and properly maintain unoccupied homes. Our Home Tenders are carefully screened and selected to move into a quality home with their own furniture on a temporary basis.

Home Tenders can expect to pay $400 - $1500 a month in exchange for taking excellent care of the residence that would normally rent out for $800 - $3000 (and up). There is a damage deposit equal to one months home tending fee.


What Will Be Requested Of You?


The home will be on the market for sale, so you will need to keep the property in "show to sell" condition since it will be visited by prospective buyers. The property will be staged with the assistance of a professional staging consultant using your furniture (additional furnishings available as needed and at the Home Tenders expense.)
  • Property must be kept in show and sell condition at all times.
  • Property must be made available for viewing from 10 am to 7 pm each day.
  • Any problems with the home must be reported immediately.
  • Maintain contents insurance and liability coverage of at least $300,000.
  • Maintain and pay all utilities related to the home.

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