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Latest news from Frederick Web Promotions:

Google Local Business Listings aka Googlemaps ranking can be improved.

The algorithm Google employs to determine which company is ranked where in Google local is:

  • Different than the algorithm for the main body of search results (aka the organic search results
  • Slower to update
  • Easy to get in trouble with
  • Google’s “rules” for what is acceptable and what is not acceptable are ambiguous

If you had a high ranking in Googlemaps and you just found your listing fell.. Frederick Web Promotions can help.

How much is a Googlemaps ranking worth to your business?

I law office we just helped reported that they feel they lost $10,000.00 in gross sales from in ONE MONTH temporarily “disappearing” from the Googlemaps index

What is your company missing by not being listed at the top of Googlemaps?

Frederick Web Promotions most requested service is companies hiring us to either improve their ranking in Google Local or help them get back in when Google penalized them for some transgression.

Fee Structure for Frederick Web Promotions to help with  Googlemaps ranking:

We tell you how to do it- phone consultation $500.00
We fix it for you: $2400.00

Verifiable Results, Verifiable References Available on Request.
Don’t take our word for it, call our client list and ask them the local SEO services provided by Frederick Web Promotions put more money in their cash registers.

Ask them if they “got their monies worth”

In advertising ROI is the name of the game.
What ever you spend on Advertising has got to pay for itself or you lost money.

Return On Investment.

Getting a top Googlemaps ranking is the best ROI you’re going to get in 2010

Call 240 397-9804 today
do it before your competitor does.

We do not accept all requests.
Similar to a Franchise, if we take a doctor in one county, we can not take any other doctors in that county.
If we have a home remodeling contractor in one county, we can’t take any other carpenters.

Some client’s we respectfully ask them to take their business elsewhere

Local Google Advertising by Frederick Web Promotions

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