What are your tips to get you through the Holiday Slooow down?

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As a new Realtor last year, all I kept hearing about was how much it sloooows down during the holidays.  Some people seem to just breeze on through the holidays and then others say it's the worse time of the year (for business anyway).  Looking back I'd say I didn't really see the slow down until about January of this year.  It seemed like in January everyone had fallen off the face of the earth, I was picking up the phone in the office to see if it still worked.  ;) 

So, what are some good tips to get you through the holiday slow down? 

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Michael Creel
InActive Agent - Bellevue, WA
I prefer Crown Royal!
Oct 10, 2007 04:50 AM
Sandy Bacon
MacDoc Realty - Fredericksburg, VA
The best avice I can give you is to plan for the slow times.  I recommend that you develop a business plan that includes investments and savings for your business.  Our market here in Fredericksburg, VA went from flying so high that we had 15 contracts escalating on a property before we could get a sign in the yard to nothing or close to nothing.  Those who planned are still in business.  Those who spent all their money are out of business.
Oct 10, 2007 04:58 AM
Bruce Mullen
Carolina One Real Estate - Charleston, SC

It will be interesting to see how the holidays treat us this year.  Keep plugging away.  Let's pray 2008 is a much better year for all of us!!


Oct 10, 2007 05:20 AM
Candi Kinney
Tennessee Valley Home Loans - Tullahoma, TN

Michael - I prefer my elixir clear, but I'll keep that one in mind!! 

Sandy - Sounds pretty brutal for those that didn't plan.

Bruce - Yes everyone pray for 2008!!  I'm going to make that my slogan "Pray for '08" ;)

Oct 10, 2007 05:38 AM
Danny Thornton
R & D Art - Knoxville, TN
WordPress Guru
Candi, what I would suggest is keep regular business hours. I have always seemed to excel during the holiday times because so many others take off.
Oct 10, 2007 06:13 AM
Nicole Hampton
Coldwell Banker Diamond, Realtors - Philadelphia, PA

I am also a new Realtor, I started three weeks ago.  I am trying to get my name out their by sending out postcards to my farm area, hosting open houses for other agents, working my sphere of influence and sending letters to expired listings.  I know it's still early, but I haven't had anyone contact me and I am thinking it's because the holidays are coming up and that I most likely will not get any listings until after the holidays, at least that is what I am hoping.  So for now, I am going to just keep doing what I am doing and hope it produces some results.  Does anyone else have any ideas of what to do?

Oct 10, 2007 08:11 AM
Jeff Judge, Baltimore's FHA/VA Purchase, Streamline, and Reverse Mortgage Expert
Eagle Nationwide Mortgage - Owings Mills, MD
During the holidays, really try to work your sphere of influence. Family, friends, and any other lead source that isn't specifically business related can be your best asset in a temporary slowdown (I.e. the holidays). Most agents / mortgage originators business slows up during the holidays. Look at doing a seminar or sending out some "move up in 2008" mailers.
Oct 11, 2007 05:34 PM
Candi Kinney
Tennessee Valley Home Loans - Tullahoma, TN

Danny - I definitely agree with that.  When I was a practicing Realtor, I was in the office more than anyone else & by doing that I would always get the "free" floor.  Meaning any time the Realtor on floor had to leave they'd ask me to cover, so that was always good.

Nicole - Girl if you keep on doing that & STAY consistent with it, you are going to see your business grow by leaps and bounds & the MOST important thing is staying consistent with whatever you do.  See Tutas blog, I learned more from reading his blogs than I ever learned from my broker. 

Jeff - Thanks for the tip! 


Oct 22, 2007 07:19 AM
Jeff Payne
The Payne Group at Keller Williams Success Realty - Panama City, FL
Panama City Real Estate

Have you noticed how many realtors start planning for their slow season.   I think they are just using it as an excuse.  Buyers still look for homes around the holidays.  Just keep working hard and the business will come when the other agents use 2 full months just for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Oct 22, 2007 01:17 PM
Candi Kinney
Tennessee Valley Home Loans - Tullahoma, TN
Jeff - I NEVER want a slow season! Especially not now in the beginning, but sometimes I do wonder if that's just what everyone says so everybody gets psyched out about it being the "slow" down period. 
Nov 05, 2007 04:26 AM