Productive Weekend

Real Estate Agent with Wainwright & Co. Realtors

First of all, let me give a huge thank you to all the open house advice I received. Rest assured that I will put it to good use, and let everyone know how it works. All the ideas also got the wheels turning with some of my own ideas, that I will test and gladly pass along if they work.

On the home front, we finally closed on the HUD house today, and the clients are very excited to get started working on their new home. I haven't sold a lot of homes, but I still love the feeling when it finally closes, and the client is happy.

That point leads me to this point, and that is why I do this. People ask me why I would want to get into the real estate business in this economy. The answer is simple...sort of. I purchased a home in 2007 (I know, I know), and yes, I got way more than I bargained for. As with everyone at that time, I overpaid for a house, trusted a home inspector that I shouldn't have, and regreted the decision on so many levels.

So, instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I decided to become an agent, and if only for a few people, keep it from happening to someone else. I know it sounds a bit 60's, making a difference one person at a time, but it is how I feel about it. I'm the furthest thing from that mindset in most other things in my life. I still feel like (as I'm sure most of you do), that too many agents, and people in general, forget what it feels like to genuinely help someone jus to help someone.

That is why I do it. Yes, I like a comission check as much as anyone, and at the end of the day I could not afford to do this for free (I'm not crazy...I have a wife and 3 kids!), but I keep that part out of my mind when I am helping someone find their new home. I don't really care if it's a $20,000 handyman special, or a $500,000 dream home. I try to give them what they want.

I hope that it doesn't sound like I'm getting on any kind of a soapbox, because I'm not. I just want everyone to know, and hopefully remember who is trully important in our business.

Thanks again for all your responses and opinions.

Have a great night!!