Technology Has Changed How Realtors Set Showings

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Until two years ago, the most common way for a Realtor to set a showing was by picking up the phone and calling the Listing Realtor. This usually turned into a crazy game of phone tag and ultimately a two minute long message left by the Listing Realtor of all the showing instructions and a short plug about why the Buyer should buy their listing.  I was guilty of this myself but it was the custom.

Recently, most of my showing requests come in through a appointment calendar through our MLScalled Showing Assist. It allows the Showing Realtor to request an appointment online and then the system emails or texts the Listing Realtor regarding the request. After a confirmation from the Seller, the Listing Realtor can accept the showing and write an additional showing comment such as “don’t let the dog out” or “the lockbox is on the water faucet.”

One of my favorite aspects of Showing Assist is the automatic showing feedback.  The system sends a feedback request to the Showing Realtor with four multiple choices questions asking about the condition, Buyer’s interest, opinion of price and how Buyer/Realtor would rate the property on a scale of 1-5.  There is also a place for additional comments which Realtors are starting to use more. I try to always include some kind of detail as to how the showing went for the Listing Realtor to share with the Seller.

Showing Assist keeps track of the showings and the feedback responses so that Seller reports are easy to compile and share. At a time when feedback has become crucial to marketing and pricing through the process, this technology really helps.

I appreciate being able to do a lot of my correspondence outside of normal business hours. Showing Assist allows me to send my feedback reports and set showings at a time that I would never call. It is waiting on email and not intruding at a late or early hour.

More Realtors are using Showing Assist and it is great to see. If you are a Realtor and are not using it but would like too, talk to your local board about training for this great new tool.

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