New BNI Balmoral Chapter in Sydney hits $100,000+

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In February, I was elected president of a new BNI chapter called BNI Balmoral. We started with 20 members and then 2 failed to turn up, then 2 more started and we yo yoed a bit but I am pleased to say that as of 1 June we have 24 members with a goal of 25 members by the end of June and 30 by the end of December 2011. BNI is a big commitment, you have to attend every week and that is hard to do, week in week out. However, I have the commitment, I am president after all and we have already passed $122,000 worth of referral business between members in 4 months which is fantastic. So if you are a real estate agent then I would recommend BNI (Business Network International as a great referral base to build your business. You can't expect business overnight as members have to get to know you and put their trust in you but the more you give the more others want to give back to you. Works for me, I hope you give it a try as well. You are welcome at any of our meetings, every Tuesday at 7am at Dancing Zorbas restaurant in Mosman.


New BNI Balmoral Chapter in Sydney hits $100,000+



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Geoff Grist

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Clint Mckie
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Hi Geoff, I don't think joining will do me any good. I don't think the home buyers would want to pay me to travel the globe doing inspections for them. But then again, Maybe they would.

Have a great day.

Clint McKie

Jun 02, 2011 12:19 AM