QWelcome AdzZoo Announces The Prelaunch Of Qnanza

AdzZoo Announces PreLaunch of Qnanza

Dateline: May 31, 2011 Welcome and congratulations on being a part of this historic day in AdzZoo history.  The AdzZoo mission of helping local businesses get cost effective online exposure, acquire new customers, and obtain technologies to engage consumers to buy more and more often has just gotten more effective with the launch of a new division called Qnanza. Qnanza will be a local deal website where local businesses and consumers can connect through huge deals offered by local businesses to attract new customers.  Unlike traditional “Daily Deal” sites that offer a large availability of product/services in a time-restricted sales offering (generally 24 hrs), Qnanza will offer a limited number of deals over a monthly time period.  Our research uncovered a problem with the time-restricted sales model of daily deals.  Selling hundreds or even thousands of deals in a short time puts a significant strain on a business by overloading them with new customers within a week or two of the sale causing:
  • Inventory problems
  • Employee strain or having to hire employees to handle the overload and possibly firing them a week or two later after the surge is gone.
  • Bad service/first impression
  • Cash flow strain
  • No access to customer base from company to continue to market to buyers of coupons
  • No unredeemed coupons revenue share
The Qnanza model will provide a steady flow of new customers over a month or multiple months so businesses can have new customers all year long at no risk to the business owner. You, as AdzZoo/Qnanza Campaign Directors, will have the opportunity to build your business through two types of teams: http://youtu.be/UG3gWFu__S8 Distribution Team – This is your team of Campaign Directors that will actively sponsor other CD’s to Qnanza and market the Qnanza service to businesses.  These sales will generate personal and override income. contact Richard now: http://youtu.be/UG3gWFu__S8 Consumer Team – This is your team of consumers wanting to receive notice of local deals in their area. As these consumer purchase coupons, binary points will be generated for the CD that created the Q Club from which the purchase was made.  In order to incent your Q Club Members to tell others about the Q Club and the great deals it provides, there will be a Rewards Program for all Q Club Members to earn rewards from Qnanza bucks to travel and brand name merchandise. Pre-Launch is your time to pre-load both of your teams with CDs and consumers in preparation for the Qnanza website and product launch in late June.  There will be NO Qnanza sales accepted or coupons sold during the Pre-Launch period - Qnanza Campaign Director Packages only! The AdzZoo Division will continue to conduct business as usual, accepting all advertising and text sales.http://youtu.be/UG3gWFu__S8

Qnanza timeline of rollout:    May 15 - Pre-Launch of Qnanza!

· Distribution Team open · Binary viewer under Genealogy link on back office · AdzZoo/Qnanza signup fee $150 + first month’s Sales Support Fee $21.95 = $171.95 · Rep signup link is on your AdzZoo.net site and/or on your MyQnanza.com site (Launched by    May 19th) · AdzZoo products compensation plan remains the same · Qnanza products compensation plan added May 19th · All Campaign Directors replicated “myqnanza.com” sites go live.  (Distribution Team) · All Campaign Directors replicated “www.jointheqclub.com” sites go live (Consumer Team) May 24th · First binary commission cycle run June 14th · Q club members can sign up other Q club members · Q club members replicated sites go live. · Q club rewards program launched June 27th · Phase 1  business sales · Phase 1  Q Club deals July 16th · Beta Launch Meeting   Atlanta, GA In addition to all of this, our team, the Q Team Worldwide offers all new Qnanza team members an exclusive Internet marketing training and toolkit that can show anyone how to use the internet to build a massive Qnanza business and thriving Qnanza team! PLUS – for those that qualify, we also offer an advanced online marketing tool that allows Qnanza team members a fast and easy way to find all of the business prospects they would ever need to build a massive base of clients using the Qnanza coupon system.

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