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The prices of most residential properties hacve fallen 30%-40% since 2005, but rents have stayed strong and interest rates are currently at historic lows.  With all of the moons aligned this is a great time to purchase investment properties. 

If you purchase a property for $300,000.00 with 25% down you would have a payment of approximately $1561.55 including taxes, and insurance.   You would be able to rent that property for approximately $1950.00 per month, and you would be paying off over $275.00 per month off the principal balance of the loan. 

That is a return of $664.00 per month not including the tax breaks you will get for owning an investment property.  By the way that equates to a 10.624% rate of return on your $75,000.00 investment. 

To me that sounds great, but it gets better!!  If the property you purchase goes up by just 3% per year over the time you own the property then your rate of return would go up to over 20%.  If you go to sell that property in 15 years you would only owe about $151,000 and your property with just 3% annual appreciation would be worth $470,000. 

Wealth is built in Real Estate and if you are not lucky enough to become wealthy, then you can become financially secure by purchasing as many investment properties as you can while this window is open.  

Please let me know if you have any questions about investment properties, financing investment properties, or if you want to hear my strategies when it comes to finding renters and keeping your investment properties leased. 

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