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It's kind of funny when you think about it...Las Vegas is pretty Urban very little Rural to our area.  So when the topic of neighbors comes up it makes you wonder how many of your neighbors you actually know in your area.  Let's say we're talking within a two mile stretch any direction. 

The reason I think it's funny is because I just had a friend move from Las Vegas to Mt. Shasta.  She is now living in a very rural area (after spending several years in the City of Las Vegas).  I asked her have you made any friends in Mt. Shasta?  Her response was well, there's a neighbor up the road about a couple miles up that I met.  And there's another neighbor in the other direction I met who's about a couple mles away too.  NO other neighbors are between them. 

In our City, I wonder how many people we actually do know that live within that two mile radius. 

Penny O'Brien

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