Carmel's Population Rises to 68,653

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Carmel's population rises to 68,653

Carmel's population has climbed to 68,653, according to preliminary results from a special census the city paid to conduct this summer.

Carmel Chamber President Mo Merhoff shared the news during Wednesday's Chamber of Commerce luncheon, indicating that the final count was higher than the city's own estimate that its population would rise to about 65,000.
This is welcome news to city officials and taxpayers alike, as Carmel will reap about $3.5 million in additional state funds because of it. With a cost of about $1 million to conduct the special census, the city's net gain will be about $2.5 million, said Mayor James Brainard. Without the special census, the city would have had to wait until late 2011 or early 2012 to reap fair-share results from the next regular census, the mayor said.

When the special census began on July 26, the city said additional monies from the state could be used for road projects, education, senior citizens programs and other important services for the community. With taxpayer funds distributed back to communities based on population, Brainard added: "We just want to get our share back."

Carmel's population in the 2000 Census was 37,733, but that increased to about 50,800 following annexation of property north of 116th Street and west of Meridian Street, Brainard said. Once the city's special census total is certified, it would reflect a population growth of 35 percent since the annexed area was added.

Certification of the preliminary count is expected from the Census Bureau before year's end, said Nancy Heck, the city's director of community relations.

The City of Carmel's population edged over 1,000 in 1950, and saw gradual increases over the next two decades. By 1970, the city's population rose to 6,691. Its population nearly tripled to 18,272 by 1980 as it became the first community just north of Indianapolis to experience significant growth. By 1990, the city's population increased to 25,380.

Carmel was Hamilton County's largest community until the 2000 Census, when it was edged by the Town of Fishers, which is conducting its own special census to gain additional state funds.


After all the annexation Carmel is now persuing I believe that it would put Carmels population about 80,000.  This could be pretty cool for the Indianapolis meto area since it would definately be the largest city outside Indianapolis.  This could aslo potentially put Carmel around 100,000 around 2012.  Maybe this will get the state to realize that having Hamilton Coutny without mass-trasit is not a good idea. Once people are not able to move around easily, they obviously won't want to live around here any more because the quality of life is going to be so bad. Honestly, I wouldn't blame them one bit.

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