Selling a Home

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Some people mistakenly think that they can save a few dollars and list their houses in Alaska or elsewhere for sale by owner. However, the point that they are missing is the value of realtors in Alaska and throughout the country. Realtors have in-depth knowledge on all the steps to selling a home. This knowledge does not only include obvious things like how to file paperwork or how to advertise when selling a home. It also includes other aspects such as title, appraisals, inspections, required repairs and so much more that is involved when selling a home.

A good realtor will help you to set the price for your home, and then, they will monitor the market to ensure that your asking price stays consistent with the current market. If the price needs to be adjusted, they will advise you on that matter. Selling a home is second nature to an experienced realtor. They will lead you through the entire process starting with listing the property, discussing closing cost to negotiating and accepting an offer. Most realtors in AK can sell a house relatively quickly while houses that are fsbo in ak (for sale by owner in alaska) may sit on the market without an offer for months.

Whether you are selling a home or moving to alaska to buy a home, contact a realtor. Their services are immeasurable and far exceed the dollar value that is assigned to them.   

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